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Across four continents, I have been privileged to learn in both formal and informal settings. These learning opportunities have been made possible through both leisure and scholastic pursuits. I am an advocate of lifelong learning, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. These interests adds to the focus, desire, and expectations that I bring to teaching. My teaching approach is grounded in my education, research, and pedagogical adaptability. I value family, collegial, and students’ cooperation, in my personal and professional endeavors. I enjoy lyrical music, authentic cuisines, racquet sports, and huge laughs. I also like to coach badminton and indoor soccer. As I find purposeful ex-curricular activities offer an added layer of connection to the diverse students that I teach. In the past ten years, I have taught a range of students, and in the process I have come to appreciate the breadth and depth of teaching students in ESL, ELA 9, ELA 10-1, ELA 10-2, SOC 10-1, SOC 10-2, and SOC 20-2.