Extracurricular Ensembles

At Ecole Sir John Franklin High School we understand that to have a relationship with music performance isn't always possible in the regular class schedule.  Students who wish to continue performing and have proficiency on an instrument are invited to join SJF Unplugged.  Students who wish to challenge themselves with part-singing are invited to join Falcon Voices.  Both ensembles  meet during the lunch hour and after school throughout the school year.  
Falcon Voices, the school choir, performs regularly at school and community events and received a Gold standing at the 2016 Yellowknife Music Festival and a further nomination to perform at the Alberta Provincial Music Festival.
SJF Unplugged, the school band, performs regularly at school assemblies and concerts and competed at the 2016 Yellowknife Music Festival and received a Silver standing.  
Both ensembles performed at Ecole William MacDonald School and N.J. MacPherson School last year as part of a music outreach school tour.


Through music learning we acquire:

 Why not music?!