Clubs & Activities

Magnanimous Advocates Generating Mental Health Awareness

MAGMA stands for Magnanimous Advocates Generating Mental Health Awareness. The group was created to promote mental health awareness in our school and community, to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, to disseminate knowledge about stigma and mental health and to help students build healthy relationships and maintain strong mental health. Magma members not only generate awareness and educate others, they also take action to end the stigma! Come join us and help #endthestigma! *The first Meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 18th.

Magma meets every Wednesday during lunch (11:40) in Room 6.

Club Coordinator: Denise Hurley


Falcon Voices

The school choir, Falcon Voices, meets three times a week all year long. The choir takes part in the Yellowknife Music Festival, school assemblies, concerts and performs at various community events. In 2016, the choir performed a Choralfest North and South and received a Gold standing.  In 2017, some choir members travelled to Vancouver to perform at various locations and had a workshop at the University of British Columbia. In 2018, the choir travelled to Edmonton for a workshop with the University of Alberta Madrigal Singers and competed in the Alberta Provincial Music Festival

Club Coordinator: Susan Shantora


SJF Unplugged

The school band meets once a week after school. The band participates in school assemblies, concerts and performs at various community events.  In 2017, the band received a Gold standing at the Yellowknife Music Festival and performed at the Festival Showcase. Travelling is an option for members of this group and in 2017, some members visited Vancouver for workshops and performances at the University of British Columbia and Granville Market. In 2018, the band travelled to Edmonton and participated in a workshop with Rita Burns at the Old Strathcona Performing Arts Society.

Club Coordinator: Susan Shantora


SJF Combined Arms Club

The Combined Arms Club began as the Sir John Archery Club, and was formed back in 2011. In 2014, Fencing equipment was purchased, and both sports were amalgamated into the SJF Combined Arms Club. Since then 100’s of students have learnt the basics of the bow and the sword, with the Club, and in PE classes. In 2016, Olympic 10 metre air pistol, and in 2017, Olympic air rifle, were added to our repertoire, and students now enjoy all three disciplines. The club is supervised by Mr. Kennedy, along with Ms. Trimble and Ms. Skauge. The past three years SJF students have won 13 Gold medals at the NWT Archery Championships. We have sent students to Canada Winter Games, and will be sending students to the Arctic Winter Games, and North American Aboriginal Games in the upcoming months. It could be you!

We generally meet every Friday at 3:30 in the Sir John gym.

Club Coordinator: Rod Kennedy


SJET 2020

SJET 2020 will be travelling to Prague, Vienna, and Zagreb in March 2020. The trip is a chance to experience food, customs, and culture in a different country with a super fun group of people. We expect that student travellers will be students first and good representatives of Sir John. 

Head Chaperone: Kirstin Prescott 


Skills Cooking and Baking Clubs

Chef Stewart offers an extension to his Culinary Arts program for students interested in competing in either Cooking or Baking. Students participating in the Skills Clubs practice during the school day for about 12 - 18 hours per week for the Territorial Skills Competition (TSC) that occurs every year in April or May. The winner of the TSC then continues to work with Chef Stewart to prepare for the Canadian Skills National Competition ( which happens in June. Chef Stewart encourages any students interested in developing their cooking and baking skills to come and talk to him directly.

Club Coordinator: Travis Stewart


SJF GSA (Gender & Sexuality Squad)

We are an anonymous group of students and staff that meet weekly during the school year to socialize, to listen to concerns, and make recommendations to school life as we see need working on. In the past, we have successfully put forward the idea of having gender free washrooms located in the school. We have had a student on the city’s Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife group the past few years. It’s all about making this a better, more caring, and more respectful world to live in. This year, we want to start working with the feeder schools to strengthen the GSAs in the rest of YK1.

Club Coordinator: Paul Bennett


SJF Green Team

The SJF Green Team is a student-led club that aims to empower students to take action towards environmental sustainability. Over the past year, the Green Team has held several successful activities, such as Fish Fridays and Earth Week. They also helped establish the school garden! Weekly meetings are held on Tuesdays at lunchtime in M. Bennett's room (Room 27). We are excited to have you join us in creating a greener future!

Club Coordinator: Angela Martin


Falcon Friends

Falcon Friends is a community of students that wish to connect with more students throughout the school. It is ideal for students who are new to the school or those who are wanting to meet others in the school. Students are matched with two or three buddies and over the year they build a relationship through weekly meetings. Each month, there is a large group meeting where we share stories, food and play games.  

Club Coordinators: Angela Martin, Cora Brancato, Carrie Lauder, Paul MacDonald, Brad Steyn


Me to We SJF

We are proud to announce that some of our students are representing the organization ME to WE at Sir John Franklin high school! Me to We is a social enterprise enabling people to do good through their everyday choices. If you are interested in joining this dynamic group, come see Mrs. Durepos for more details.

Club Coordinator: Melanie Durepos


Club Euclid
First meeting of Club Euclid
Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 11:40am, Room 30 (Kielstra)

*For anyone, Grades 9-12, who likes Math and wants to explore cool problems in a collaborative setting.
Club Coordinators: Jeremy Kielstra & Pam Schlosser