Former Falcon

We love hearing how our former students are doing! Read below for an article that recently appeared in the Canadian School Counsellor magazine about Aimee Yurris, a former falcon, who took a CTS course on a whim and turned it into a passion.

Aimee Yurris is a prime example of how one initial choice combined with the right guidance and paired with creativity, intelligence and ambition can open unimagined vistas for a student. Aimee is from Yellowknife, NWT. While in high school she serendipitously filled an open spot on her schedule by taking the Foods Program. “It was a random choice, but I found that I loved the baking module.” She then joined an after-school baking club that offered her the opportunity to compete in Skills Canada. She won the silver medal in the Northwest Territories Skills in Grade 9. At this point it occurred to her that, “this might be something I would like to do forever.” The following year she participated in the Baking Club again, and won the gold medal at the Northwest Territories competition. She baked a lemon meringue pie, a vanilla sponge cake, and cream puffs. By now she was hooked.
Aimee received a lot of encouragement from her mom and Arnold Krause, her guidance counsellor. She was always strong academically and graduated from École Sir John Franklin High School in Yellowknife. Her next step was to study Culinary Arts at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) where she graduated in 2016. Aimee is now at the University of Lethbridge studying Public and Aboriginal Health. She hopes to return to the North to work in the community. Her take on success: “It takes courage, passion, practice and more practice.” Aimee has all three of these qualities in spades.