National Student Commonwealth Forum

National Student Commonwealth Forum

Congratulations to Jasmine Li and Urbah Syed who were chosen to participate in a week-long program in Ottawa last month. Below are their experiences...

NSCF was a largely unique program in which delegates were taught how to cooperate with each other and truly come to understand what it takes in order to reach consensus. Not only does NSCF challenge you to work with others in order to reach consensus on difficult issues but it also encourages you to think through the views of the country you represent.
This program allowed us opportunities that we could have never imagined possible. Like being able to debate in the Senate and meet high commissioners but NSCF also allows you to meet some incredible people with strong opinions on how the future of Canada should look like. The program provides an opportunity to let you create friendships and build a better understanding of the world.
I highly encourage anyone who has an interest in being more involved in their country to apply next year.


-written by SJF student Jasmine Li

NSCF was a very empowering experience. The week-long program was designed to bring students from all over the country together to come up with contemporary solutions to contemporary global problems in an international consensus-based government system - the Commonwealth. 
Perks of the program aside, the first valuable skill it taught us was how to navigate a giant city like Ottawa. We will rely on experiences like these when heading out to post-secondary life. I believe the 2017 group was a very fortunate group of students to pass through NSCF. This year’s theme being global water issues. The near-constant rain and inevitable flooding of regions close to where we convened, not to mention the glorious hours of dealing with cancelled flights to and from Ottawa, effectively drove home the message that the problems we were trying to resolve were real, concerning, and could affect even a developed country like Canada.
We debated contemporary issues in the senate, caught a glimpse of Trudeau, and met a lot of like-minded people to discuss progress with. If  you want to be an involved, engaged citizen and a catalyst for positive change, NSCF is one of the best places to start.

-written by SJF student Urbah Syed