Scuba Trip 2017 Cozumel, Mexico

On April 15, 2017, the SJF Scuba Club departed for Cozumel, Mexico where each member experienced the trip of a lifetime! A dedicated and energetic group worked hard at fundraising, completing the Marine Biology Course, and the Open Water Diving Course in the pool and in classroom sessions. These rigourous sessions required students to complete classroom work and score 80% on exams in order to participate in the trip. 
Congratulations to the fourteen students and one chaperone are now certified Open Water Divers (Arianne Depot-Bernier, Ruby Danh, Hannah Murillo, Sarah duPlessis, Emma duPlessis, Nicolas Bennett, Robbie Paddock, Mindee Naismith, Tamara Jovic, Kayla Sanderson, Grace Clark, Shiri MacPherson, Niva Stephenson, Sophie Clark, Gabrielle LaMarche) and to the two students and one chaperone who are now certified Advanced Open Water Divers (Megan Vu, Alex Robb and Mike Mansfield) who have added to their skill set. 
The people on the trip had a wonderful time both in and out of the water. The diving was exciting and adventurous with divers observing beautiful coral, a variety of fish, barracudas, nurse sharks, sea turtles, dolphins, octopi, spotted eagle rays, green moray eels and stingrays to name a few. The excitement of the diving was complemented with resort activities and a day excursion that included rappelling into a cenote, five ziplines, snorkeling in a cenote, a jeep ride, a trip to Tulum and a traditional Mayan ceremony.
Thank you to all the students who made the trip a most unforgettable experience! The students were wonderful ambassadors for our school and it was noted by a multitude of other guests while we were there! 
Also, thank you to our chaperones (Ed Lippert, Mindee Naismith, Mike Mansfield, and Shannon Ferreira) who worked so hard to make this trip a memorable experience for the students. Our deepest gratitude goes to Colin Baile and Dawn DeBlieck, our local Master Divers, who trained us from the beginning and who were never ending with their support, guidance, humour and dedication to ensuring we had a safe and fun adventure while in Mexico. 
We would also like to express our great appreciation to our District Office, our Administration, Lindsay Chiasson in Finance, our Front Office Staff (Wendy and Andrea) and parents who continue to support the variety of travel groups here at Sir John. Our thanks also goes out to the community who allowed our students and chaperones to undertake such an amazing experience by supporting a variety of opportunities for students to fundraise to help pay for their trip. 
If you are interested in exploring the ocean by becoming a certified diver, please look for information about Scuba 2019 in the next school year as the planning begins early for the next trip!