Band/Choir News

Eleven music students went to Edmonton and Calgary just before March break with Ms. Shantora and Mrs. Trimble as chaperones. It was "planes, trains and limos" as the group travelled in a S T R E T C H limo from the airport to the hotel in downtown Edmonton. What a thrill! The first item on the itinerary was a tour of the Drama and Music building and the “Harry Potter” library at the University of Alberta with tour guide (and former Falcon) Dylan Maguire. While the choir was rehearsing in one of the drama rooms with Beverley Rockwell (also a former Falcon) as accompanist, the rest of the group toured the Fine Arts building. Fairly impressive! The group then headed back downtown for the choir’s performance at Choralfest North. The seven girls that make up Falcon Voices performed very well in the gorgeous acoustic of the McDougall United Church. Their faces lit up as they heard their first few tones resonate in the huge hall. The adjudicators were very impressed with the confidence and skills of the girls and the group was awarded a Gold medal standing (Standings ranged from Platinum down to Bronze). The day’s adventure wrapped up with an incredible performance of “Crazy for You”, which we all loved. The singing and stage work was excellent and the story was very engaging. Afterwards, the students attended the Question and Answer period with the cast and director. And that was just day 1! On day two, we pushed and pulled our luggage and instruments through the city streets to catch a bus to Calgary. After checking into the hotel, the choir students hopped on the C-train to rehearse with their accompanist Gavin. Then it was back downtown to perform at Knox United Church in yet another stellar acoustic and majestic space. The girls performed even better the second time and were very well received by the Calgary adjudicators. When they left the stage, the other two choirs in attendance (both of whom had at least 60 members each) cheered loudly. The choir received another Gold medal standing at Choralfest South. In the workshop afterwards, the girls sang so beautifully that the clinician, was tearing up. It was one of those magical moments! Wednesday evening was spent at Jubilations dinner theatre attending “A Night at the Museum of Country Music.” Most students were up on stage at some point during the show, participating in line dancing and conspiring with Lady Gaga. Carolynn and Ida celebrated being “Best Friends” during the “Does anyone have anything to celebrate?” portion of the evening. Thursday was a little more relaxed for the choir students but the band students had an intense and very inspiring workshop with Ross McIntyre at Mount Royal University Conservatory. The clinician was very impressed with how well the group focused and what good control they had over their instruments. Thursday evening was spent at a performance of the Alberta Ballet at the Jubilee Theatre. The students enjoyed “Alice in Wonderland” very much but a few said that they preferred Tchaikovsky’s ballet music to Shostakovich’s! We returned to Yellowknife inspired, excited, more than a little tired and looking ahead to another trip!