Grad News

A meeting for graduates and their parents was held on Tuesday, November 14. Important information was given out on Grad requirements, Student Financial Assistance, the process for applying to post-secondary schools, and the format of Grad on Thursday, June 29.
If you missed the meeting, please connect with your child’s guidance counselor as soon as possible!

Grad spirit day! On December 9th there will be a grad potluck and ‘fancy Friday’! Wear your fanciest attire during the school day but remember to bring some comfortable clothes for decorating the Christmas tree after the potluck.

Dry Grad For information on how you can volunteer for Dry Grad, please contact Pam Schlosser at

For information on Grad, please contact Sir John’s Main office at 669-0773 or speak to one of the members of Grad Council: Linda Charlie, Tori Forsbloom, Ally MacInnis, Urbah Syed, Alisha Breton, Brooke Dwyer, Megan Vu, Erika Callahan, Taylor Maxwell

Grad pumpkin carving! On October 27, 2016 grads carved the scariest, funniest and most unique pumpkins during their annual pumpkin carving contest.