Student Council

STUDENT COUNCIL With the start of the new school comes a new Sir John Student's Council. The first event of the year was a welcome back BBQ hosted by last year's council which was held on Friday, September 16. Students were treated to complimentary hamburgers fresh from the grill thanks to the culinary skills of Mr. Kirkham, Mr. Kowalzik, and Mr. Mackenzie. So far Student's Council events included the presidential election where Grade 12 students Missy MacLellan and Chris Yurris gave their speeches to all students. It was a close election and in the end Sir John students voted Chris Yurris to be this year’s Student Council President. 

Congratulations to both candidates. Student Council is now busy planning a retreat in early October. This year’s council consists of the following students:

Chris Yurris
Bethany Giovanetto
Delilah Hashi
Deklen Crocker
Mathew Slade
Olivia Dove
Annie Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas
Lisa Weaver
Emma Willoughby
Cindy Ngo
Sonali Sivakumar
Diana Rockwell
Missy MacLellan
Jasmine Li
Anusha Sivakumar
Gabriel Cluderay
Abby Shears