Clubs & Activities

Magnanimous Advocates Generating Mental Awareness

MAGMA stands for Magnanimous Advocates Generating Mental Awareness. Magma strives to build the foundations for a solid, anti-stigma society, one hot surge at a time! The group was created to promote mental health awareness in our school and community, to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, to disseminate knowledge about stigma and mental health and to help students build healthy relationships and maintain strong mental health. Magma members not only generate awareness and educate others, they also take action to end the stigma!  

Magma meets every Thursday during lunch (11:40) in the Health Haven. Come join us and help #endthestigma!


Leaving a Legacy

The Leaving a Legacy Portrait Project was born in 2013, when former Sir John principal, Ed Lippert, approached Senior Art Teacher, Maureen Tonge about creating with her students a display that would highlight the main entrance of the school. In discussion with former administration, Social Studies teachers, Landon Kowlalzik, Scott Willoughby, DiAnn Blesse and counsellor Doreen Cleary, the first phase of “Leaving a Legacy” was born. This first phase, "Northern Aboriginal Leaders" has been on permanent display since spring 2013. The second phase, "Northern Women Educators", completed in 2015 will join this third phase, "Northern Elders & Educators" to go on permanent display in the summer of 2016. This project is only open to Senior Art students and is coordinated by Maureen Tonge.


Sir John Project Kenya

Sir John students, in partnership with A Better World Canada, continue to support projects in schools in rural Kenya. In 2012, they funded the construction of three classrooms at Simotwet Primary School and in 2015 added a kitchen/food storage facility to the school. In both 2012 and 2016, students in this group traveled to Kenya to see their projects first-hand and visit other schools, orphanages and clinics, where they distributed much needed supplies. This group is currently supporting a girl they met while on their travels and helping to fund her rehabilitation after she suffered a stroke at fourteen years old. Donations of school supplies (not books) are always welcome.
Please contact project coordinators Dean MacInnis or Pam Schlosser


Sir John Holocaust Trip March 16-27

A group of 38 students will be traveling to Europe on a custom-designed tour that focuses on the history of WWII and the Holocaust. The tour includes stops in Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, and Prague as well as a full day at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp. Coordinators: Micheline Ricard, Dean MacInnis, Pam Schlosser, Tomiko Robson, Peter Curran, Sonia Longchamps, Andre Corbeil,.


Falcon Voices

The school choir meets on Friday during the lunch hour all year long. The choir takes part in the Yellowknife Music Festival, school assemblies and concerts and at various community performances. C


SJF Unplugged

The school band meets on Thursdays during the lunch hour all year long.  The band participates in school assemblies, concerts and at various community performances.


SJF Combined Arms Club

The Combined Arms Club began as the Sir John Archery Club, and was formed back in 2011. In 2014, Fencing equipment was purchased, and both sports were amalgamated into the SJF Combined Arms Club. Since then 100's of students have learnt the basics of the bow and the sword. In 2016, Olympic 10 metre air pistol, and in 2017, Olympic air rifle, were added to our repertoire, and students now enjoy all three disciplines. The club is supervised by Mr. Kennedy, along with Ms. Trimble and Ms. Couture, with Dawson Giroux as senior Range Officer. It generally meets every Friday at 3:30 in the Sir John gym.


SJF Scuba Club

The primary objective of the SCUBA CLUB is to educate youth about the beauty and fragility of the marine environment. This club is for students who have an interest in Marine Biology and in learning more about marine environments. There are five main components to the club. They are:

  1. Marine Biology Students will participate in a learning opportunity focussed on the marine environment they will be in on our trip. Credits will be awarded for participation.
  2. First Aid/CPR You will complete a St. John Ambulance First Aid and CPR course. Students who already have valid first aid/CPR need not retake the course.
  3. PADI Open Water Diver Certification the Scuba portion of the club is instructed by Colin Baile, a dive instructor with over 25 years of experience. Certification will be completed after students complete four open water training dives to be done on site during the field trip.
  4. Field Trip Students will complete the four open water training dives and become certified open water divers. The rest of the time will be spent observing (in the field) what has been studied in the Marine Biology class.
  5. Fundraising in order to fund our trip, members of the Scuba Club will participate in fundraising events

Who can go? Space and equipment is limited. Students must be successful in the Marine Biology component, the PADI course (pass is 80%) and the First Aid/CPR course as well as being in good standing within the club and in all other classes in the school.


Sir John European Trip (SJET)

The Sir John European Trip (SJET) takes place once every two years during March Break. Each year a different European destination is chosen. The trip is open to all Sir John students who are maintaining good attendance and are being successful in their courses. It is a chance for students to travel and learn about different cultures. This year, 37 students and 6 teachers are travelling to Italy and Croatia in 2018.
Coordinator: Kirsten Prescott


Skills Cooking and Baking Clubs

Chef Stewart offers an extension to his Culinary Arts program for students interested in competing in either Cooking or Baking.  The Skills Clubs usually meet once per week for 4 hours to practice cooking and baking for the Territorial Skills Competition (TSC) that occurs every year in April.  The winner of the TSC then continues to work with Chef Stewart to prepare for the Canadian Skills National Competition ( which happens in June.  Chef Stewart encourages any students interested in developing their cooking and baking skills to come and talk to him directly.


Sewing/Beading Club

Thursday during lunch hour at 11:30-12:30pm in the Guidance area. All are welcome to attend to start a project. For more information see Mrs. Durepos or Mrs. Cleary


Yoga Club

Will be starting on Friday, Oct. 21st and run on Fridays from 3:45 - 4:45 PM. Coordinator: Maureen Tonge



We are an anonymous group of students and staff that meet several times during the school year to listen to concerns and make recommendations to school life as we see need working on. In the past, we have successfully put forward the idea of having gender free washrooms located in the school. We will electing to have a student on the city's Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife group this year for the first time. It's all about making this a better, more caring, and more respectful world to live in.